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Home page at

Home page at

(For Hunters Point Shipyard and Islais Creek Studios artists only, including guest artists who have registered for an upcoming Open Studios)

Maintaining your pages on is simple:

  1. Review your artist page on the website. You can find it the way the website's thousands of visitors do: on the "All Artists" page (alphabetical by last name), the "Artists by Building" or "Artists by Medium" pages, or using the search tool on any page of the website.

  2. Update your page. Email an updated artist statement/bio, contact information you want to make public, and images to Our website volunteer will update your page promptly. Details below →

    DIY? If you'd like an Author account that lets you maintain your own page and event posts, email a request to to get started. There’s no obligation - you can still email your changes to our volunteer anytime you choose not to do it yourself. [Year-round Shipyard and Islais Creek artists only]

  3. Announce your events on the website. Just add to your email list for announcements. We will include your shows, awards, etc., in the website's Events blog and feature three current announcements on the website's home page. [Year-round Shipyard and Islais Creek artists only]

  4. Get attention on the home page slide show. Slides are captioned with your name and linked to your artist page. They appear at 750x300 pixels so for best results send a photo that's at least 750 px wide. We will resize, crop, and send a draft slide back for your approval before we add it to the show. Let us know if you have an outdated slide we should remove from the show. Slides may show you with your art or just your art. Email us if you’d like contact information for the photographer in 101 who shot many of these photos. [Year-round Shipyard and Islais Creek artists only]

No page? No problem. Just email the information below to

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Information to submit for artist pages:

Email any or all of the following to

  • Your name as you'd like it to appear on the website

  • Your bio and/or artist's statement in any file format or in the body of your e-mail. Length is up to you, but about 100 words fits well into the page layout.

  • Images of your art - one to five images. You may include caption information (title, media, original dimensions of the artwork, etc.). If you send more than one image say which one should be featured; others will display with your text at reduced size, and users can click to see them at full size. Images may be in any format (JPEG, for example) and should be at least 600 pixels wide. Larger images will be reduced to 600 pixels, usually not a problem. Smaller images will be enlarged and may appear blurry.

  • A list of the media you work in. These will be indexed for the lists of artist by medium. You may include media that aren't currently listed on the site.

  • Your building and studio number at the Shipyard or Islais Creek Studios.

  • Contact information you wish the page to show, including for example your website, phone, e-mail, and social media like Facebook and Instagram.

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